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Influencer ‘Russian Nana’ dies after falling into coma after taking ‘hangover’ painkillers

The content creator known as ‘Russian Nana’ has died aged 31 after reportedly falling into a coma after taking painkillers.

The news of her death was announced by the husband of the “influencer” originally from Russia, Wang Tao, according to the Shanghai Daily portal.

“Nana left us forever! Yesterday’s kiss was his last kiss in life. “I will never be able to kiss Nana again, never again,” he shared in a post on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.

What happened to “Russian Nana”?

According to media reports, ‘Russian Nana’ and Wang Tao shared on the social network that on the afternoon of March 27, they went out to have fun with two foreign friends in Guizhou Province, China.

Thanks to a video they posted on the platform, they explain, it was learned that the four of them went fishing, drank tea and “a little alcohol.”

“Nina is said to have suffered from headaches after drinking alcohol,” the site explained in its May 7 article.

For its part, The Sun reported on the 9th that “after the onset of a nasty hangover, she supposedly took some painkillers and went to bed.”

After ingesting the drugs, her “condition worsened”, so the creative was taken to the hospital because she was found unconscious.

At the hospital “she was admitted to the intensive care unit”. He was in a coma for 38 days afterwards.

Her husband, Wang Tao, shared online stories of his beloved fighting for her life and prayed for her speedy recovery.

However, after more than a month in a deep coma, “Russian Nana” was pronounced dead on Sunday, May 5.

The British newspaper pointed out that it is not clear whether the authorities are investigating the death of the “influencer” and what kind of painkillers she consumed.

“Russian Nana” and his love story won over his fans

The Mirror reported that Nana moved to Guizhou last year to study and fell in love with local tattoo artist Wang Tao, so she decided to stay in the country with him.

Their love story soon brought them both fame on Chinese social media, so she became known as “Russian Nana”.

The content creator had “captured the hearts of countless fans with her fresh and charming image and wise and humorous personality,” Min News reported.

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