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Ana Hickmann “tested” Edu Guedes early in their relationship; understand

The episode was narrated on the presenter’s YouTube channel

Ana Hickmann “tested” her boyfriend, the chef Edu Guedes, leaving the dishes to be washed by him. The episode was told on the presenter’s YouTube channel this Monday 13th.

“There was a weekend when Edu came home and we were there, [filha de Edu] Maria and Alezinho [filho de Hickmann] and there was no one else there, either washing the dishes or doing anything. And the dishwasher broke. And I, as everyone knows, like a set table. We ate all our meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. What was the sink like? Full of plates,” Hickmann said.

The cleanup task then fell to Guedes. Also, the host is not a fan of washing dishes. “Edu has never washed so many dishes in her life!” he joked. “I said, ‘If this man spends so much this weekend with me washing dishes and gets to be with me, it’s because he loves me and will be good at so many other things. You might even say he’s ready to get married.” , has explained. he joked.

The couple announced their relationship in March, four months after Hickmann divorced Alexandre Correia. In November 2023, she filed a police report against Correia after claiming she had been assaulted by her ex-husband.


Source: Terra

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