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Gugu Liberato: the Nando Soares theater show reveals an affair, intimate encounters on a farm and name in the presenter’s will

Former theater assistant and entertainer Nando Soares dropped a bombshell: he and Gugu Liberato were in a relationship. According to information provided by columnist Fábia Oliveira, the two had intimate encounters in a farm given by the presenter himself. Furthermore, Nando’s name would be part of the communicator’s heritage. I wait!

A new controversy involving the name of Gugu Freed came to light this week. According to the former animator and stage assistant Nando Soareshe and the presenter had a love story before the communicator diesin 2019. In an interview with the journalist I adore Jorge and reported by the column Fabia OliveiraNando also said that name of his It appears in the will left by Gugu and that his wife discovered an affair between them. Find out more!

Nando Soares allegedly had intimate encounters with Gugu on a farm

Nando Soares reportedly told Amorozzo Jorge in an interview that he is facing issues with his separation. The former stage assistant broke up her 24-year marriage after discovering a betrayal by wife. Speaking of fidelity, he confessed that he had already cheated on his wife with Gugu Liberato, but that his partner knew about their relationship.

Nando Soares also said that he owns a farm that he received as a gift from Gugu, the same one used by him and the presenter for their one-on-one meetings. The property was sold to him about 10 years ago. “[risos] You can’t tell, it’s a secret, you can’t reveal it,” he said when asked what was going on between them there.

The former stage assistant’s name appears in Gugu’s will

In another moment of the chat, Nando revealed that “the lawyers of Gugu Liberato’s family contacted him after his death to inform him that the presenter had left him part of the inheritance”, but the process is confidential: “I can’t talk because it is a matter of judicial secrecy.” Request…

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