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‘I don’t believe in heaven or hell’: Anitta makes another outburst after being a victim of religious intolerance

Anitta made a new statement this Tuesday (14th), after losing followers for exposing her belief in Candomblé. The lyrics came shortly after the release of ‘Aceita’, his new music video which pays homage to different types of faith.

After be a victim of religious intolerance For choose to honor your religion in a music video, Anita made a new outburst on social media. The singer, who had even anticipated the release of the single, took advantage of the moment to give a direct message to the people who disrespected her and unfollowed her on Instagram. She also strengthened the who preaches Candomblé, his creedand talked about what he thinks of other religious manifestations.

This Tuesday (14th), the music video of ‘Accepted’album track “Funk Generation”, was released on Anitta’s official YouTube channel. The audiovisual recording brought great homage to Candomblé and other religions, such as Christianity. Before it came out, however, promotional photos of the clip had caused a sensation on the web. The “Funk Rave” voice shared pictures of her in her religious temple, but received a barrage of criticism and prejudicial comments, as well as lose more than 200 thousand followers on Instagram.

Anitta sends a message to the intolerant people who have attacked her on social media

“Yesterday [segunda-feira], when I announced the release of this clip, I lost more than 200 thousand followers in less than 2 hours. I have spoken countless times about my religion, but it seems that leaving an artistic work in my catalog forever was too much for those who do not ACCEPT that others think differently”, began the carioca, who could be in a new love story.

Then, she goaded users who criticized her simply for exposing their faith. “I don’t believe in heaven and hell, I don’t believe…

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