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BOMB! The ex-girlfriend accuses Belo of excessive jealousy and constant surveillance: ‘she arrested me, I could only leave with her permission’

Luciana Picorelli, Belo’s ex-girlfriend, made serious accusations against the pagodeiro on her Instagram profile. The journalist said she was evicted from an apartment because of her and also revealed that she lived under her constant surveillance: ‘she trapped me in the house, I couldn’t go out. Only with her permission’

Ex-girlfriend of Beautiful, Luciana Picorelli revealed that she had difficult moments during her relationship with the pagodeiro. On her Instagram profile she appeared sharing the details of the relationship she had with the singer, with whom she dated in 2003. At the time, immediately after her, in 2004, Gracyanne Barbosa’s ex-husband He was arrested for association with drug trafficking, sentenced to eight years and was released in 2010.

“At the time we were dating, Belo didn’t have a good financial education. I was evicted several times. I was in a bad situation, I didn’t know what to do and I couldn’t go home,” said Luciana Picorelli, referring to the apartment that the pagodeiro owned for her to live in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone of Rio.

Then, Luciana, former journalist of “Balanço Gera”l Rio, on Record TV, said that her mother was conservative and that, therefore, she could not leave without permission. As a result, Belo decided to take her out of the house and place her in a property in the same area where she lived. “It was very difficult for me [namorar com ele, por conta da família]”he recalled.

‘He [Belo] He trapped me at home, I couldn’t leave. Only with her permission’

In an interview with the Fábia Oliveira column, Luciana provided more details about her relationship with Belo and revealed that “she was controlled due to the musician’s excessive jealousy” after seeing rumors that Gracyanne had confided in her that her ex-husband was possessive and…

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