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Tonight on Netflix: Rating 4.2 out of 5 This is the best thriller in 6 episodes

After an act of heroism prevents a terrorist attack on a train, war veteran David Budd (Richard Madden), both heroic and unstable, takes it upon himself to protect the ambitious and powerful Secretary of State, Julia Montague (Keely Hawes). , whose politics represent everything he hates.

An agent who has served in Afghanistan and seen many of his comrades killed or maimed in a war for which the woman he protects is partly responsible, finds himself torn between his duty and his beliefs. In charge of her safety, wouldn’t he really be her biggest threat?

It took only 6 episodes of Bodyguard not only to convince the audience, but also to win the favor of critics, who nominated it for Emmy and Golden Globe for the best drama series of 2019.

A true phenomenon, the series became the UK’s most-watched new drama of 2018 in just two weeks, attracting 6.8 million viewers on BBC One: the channel’s best ever audience for an Anglo-Saxon TV series. since 2011.

And its dazzling success never ended and continued to grow until the last minute. Indeed, the show’s sixth and final episode drew an average of 10.4 million viewers, peaking at 11 million for the series’ final five minutes. By comparison, you’d have to go back to Downton Abbey to reach that kind of audience… In other words: reach – rated 4.2 out of 5 by AlloCiné viewers and 4.4 out of 5 by the specialist press.

The intimate thriller, crafted and crafted with precision by Jed Mercurio, places politics and terrorism at its heart – and in doing so allows the UK to regain control of the genre series market. but his words guard It is approached in a modern way and emphasizes another issue that is dear to its creator: post-traumatic stress syndrome, which the hero suffers from, which he skillfully portrays. Richard MaddenTraumatized, painless and strong at the same time.

After his epic stint in Game of Thrones series, which will remain in memories, the actor proves his full potential here. For his performance, he received the prestigious Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama Series, a category in which he was also awarded at the Monte Carlo Television Festival that same year.

and in front of him Keeley Hawes It also convinces and it is from their alchemy that the spell is born. Here, everything happens in the closeness of their relationship, which is mainly through their penetrating gaze, which says a lot. With few words and many close-ups, they succeed in charming and we almost enter their psyches: two performances full of nuance and simplicity, completely addictive to watch.

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with guard – which is one of those must-see serial political thrillers – prepare to be drawn into an increasingly confusing spiral where the tension is constant and the stakes never let up. Hence, in the program, an entertaining as well as engrossing series that combines action scenes, twists and cliffhangers without letting you go. A binge-watch is guaranteed.

guardCreated by Jed Mercurio with Richard Madden, Kiley Howes, Gina McKee…

Season 1 to watch on Netflix.

Source: Allocine

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