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Brooke Shields and Shalom Harlow had a daughter and the result is a famous actress, missing from soap operas for 14 years

Viral on TikTok ‘plays’ with the physical resemblance of Brooke Shields, Shalom Harlow and another great Brazilian actress, far from soap operas! Find out who:

Brooke Shieldswho recounted the details of when he lost his virginity – AND Shalom Harlow, internationally renowned actresses, had a daughter? Not exactly… calm down Pure people explain! The “joke” has begun due to a viral on TikTokwhich he highlighted the absurd physical resemblance of the artists with another famous one, he retired from Brazilian soap operas for 14 years: Ana Paula Arósio .

Brooke + Sharlom = Ana Paula Arósio

In the platform’s “trend”, users choose celebrities they consider similar and link them to a “child”. Brooke and Sharlom, with their striking blue eyes, white skin and black hair, could be the mothers of Ana Paula, who looks just like the American divas! “I always confuse Ana with Brooke,” a user of the platform said in the comments. “My goodness, yes! I always thought Ana was so similar to Shalom and Brooke,” another person commented. “She IS an angelic version of Shalom, mixed with Brooke,” replied the official profile that posted the video.

Of course it’s all just a ‘joke’, also because Ana Paula Arósio is only 2 years older than Harlow and 10 years older than Shields. The Brazilian is 48 years old and chose to abandon the small screen in 2010, spending many years in total solitude. Since then, he has preferred to make some appearances in cinemas and, in 2020, he surprised the country by reappearing in a commercial for the Santander bank.

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