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Simony reveals how a dream about her grandfather, who died 10 years ago, helped her diagnose cancer

Simony was diagnosed with cancer in August 2022. She currently has no more cancer cells in her body, but has yet to undergo immunotherapy treatment.

Simony revealed new details of the battle against bowel cancer in an interview with “PodC”, conducted by Celso Portiolli. Singer, which, in the same program, revealed the extremely high cost of treatmentshe said that a dream about her grandfather was decisive in making her discover the disease.

Simony says the first signs were noticed during training. “I always trained and, after the pandemic, I tried to go back to the gym and I no longer had much strength. I felt very tired. Then a lump appeared on the left side of my groin. I said: ‘I must have some inflammation , within 30 days this language must disappear,'” he reports.

Simony began to feel uncomfortable when going to the bathroom and suspected she had hemorrhoids. She initially went to a gynecologist, who ordered several tests. “Nothing appeared,” she recalls. The singer even asked the doctor to perform physical exams and, once again, no signs of abnormality were found.

What NOT to say to a person with cancer
What NOT to say to a person with cancer


The situation changed only when Simony had a dream about his grandfather Mário. He died in 2013, at the age of 91, due to old age.

“I dreamed about my grandfather, look how crazy it is. My grandfather, who I always called dad, died about 11 years ago. He didn’t see Anthony [filho caçula da cantora] be born. In my dream, my grandfather, right next to me, said: “Go see a proctologist.” I had never heard that word and had never been to a proctologist. I didn’t even know what it was. I woke up and already…

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