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Marcos Mion visits shelters for autistic children in Rio Grande do Sul

The volunteer presenter visits Porto Alegre and is moved by the plight of the victims

Marcos Mion arrived in Rio Grande do Sul this Tuesday (14/5) to work as a volunteer in the shelters of Rio Grande do Sul, helping families of atypical children and young people, including autistic people, affected by the recent floods.

Personal initiative

Mion’s press office clarified that his trip to the South had nothing to do with Globo. The presenter of “Caldeirão” decided to go alone, unlike the other station employees who were sent to cover the rains.

Visits to shelters

“Mion visited shelters specifically for atypical families with autistic children and young people,” her team said. Despite the arrival of more journalists in the state, Globo confirmed that no recording or travel is planned for “Caldeirão” regarding the floods. The contents produced by Mion will be destined for your social networks.

Support for NGOs

Mion visited a shelter run by the NGO Colo de Mãe, represented by Roberta Vargas and Debora Saueressig. He arrived by air taxi and was received in the morning. “Sorry for the delay, but it’s crazy to come here. Congratulations on the cause,” he said as he got off the helicopter.

He was in the same shelter where Globo journalist Luiza Zveiter was interviewing Roberta and Debora. The volunteers filmed Mion as she walked away from the cameras, without speaking to the broadcaster.

Daiana Jardim, one of the mothers present, was moved when she saw the presenter. “My surprise when I opened a live stream and saw that Marcos Mion is in Porto Alegre visiting the reception centers for atypical children,” she wrote on Instagram.

The presenter also gave space on his Instagram to the appeal of the members of Casa Azul Amar, a shelter for atypical families in the city of Rio Grande, on the coast of Rio Grande do Sul, which is facing the worst part of the flooding. moment.

Source: Terra

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