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Jesus Luz Shows Before and After Weight Loss Process: “You Decide Your Future”

In the first picture it looks normal. In the second, the model shows a more defined and sculpted body

Model Jesus Light, 37, shared a before and after of her body after going through a weight loss process on Tuesday night, the 14th. In the first picture it looks normal. In the second he shows off his more defined body.

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“You don’t decide your future! You decide your habits, and your habits decide your future! – FM Alexander,” he wrote, quoting an Australian actor and thinker.

In the post published on his Instagram profile, Jesus Light has won several awards. One of them, including his girlfriend, dermatologist Camila Stroligo. “Your discipline is my source of inspiration!”, wrote the doctor. The two have been together for almost a year.

The model’s fans and followers also left compliments on the post. “On the right we have the most handsome man in Brazil and on the left too,” one commented. “Perseverance…focus, goal!”, another remarked. “You are inspiration,” a third commented. “Damn, now I see I have a solution,” said a fourth. “Beautiful in every way,” concluded the last.

Jesus Luz, model

Before becoming a doctor, the model dated beauties such as Aline Campos and Madonna. He and the queen of pop met in December 2008. The singer was in Brazil to perform five shows Sticky and sweet tour, which held the record for the most profitable women’s tour in history for 15 years. The singer had announced her divorce from Guy Ritchie, to whom she had been married for more than 7 years, just two months before her.

While visiting Rio de Janeiro, Madonna he did a photo shoot in a luxury hotel in Ipanema, for W magazine. On that occasion he posed with four Brazilian models, including Jesus. According to New York Post, the Queen became very interested in Jesus and they started dating. “So interested that she asked him to accompany her [para os shows] in Sao Paulo. And he accepted,” a source said.

The final end was announced in 2010. According to the The sunthe age difference and the difficulty of reconciling schedules were factors that culminated in the separation.

Jesus Luz: here is the DJ's new girlfriend
Jesus Luz: here is the DJ’s new girlfriend

Source: Terra

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