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The influencer suffering from terminal cancer responds to criticism of her desire to become a mother: ‘Disappointed people’

Isabel Veloso spoke about motherhood and the desire to adopt a child

Isabel Veloso, the 17-year-old influencer suffering from terminal cancer, responded on Tuesday the 14th to the criticism received after her husband, Lucas Borbas, had demonstrated on Mother’s Day the couple’s dream of having children and had already spoken of the desire to adopt a child.

“Since you’re already falling on me, it’s nice to read it. It’s a wish. I didn’t say I’m adopting. You’re an unbearable group of people. Is it bad? Adopting you. Ignorant. Thank God you give me a dream, and I do believe in miracles You yourselves killed me before I even died,” Isabel wrote on Instagram stories.

Isabel Veloso responds to criticisms of motherhood

Subsequently, the influencer made videos venting on the topic: “People are like this: if you adopt they criticize. If you don’t adopt they criticize because there are many children to adopt and no one wants to adopt”. I have a dream of being a mother, but that doesn’t mean I will be a mother. […] Just because I have a terminal illness, can’t I dream of having a child?” he asked.

“Do you think that if I die one day, Lucas won’t adopt a child? He already told me. He wants to become a father and I would really like to become a mother, in any case he will adopt a child” […] I believe that no one should say anything about what I experience. It’s just a thing between me and my husband. These people who keep doubting me are all idiots and disgusting people who have experienced nothing in life. They are bitter people. It’s not my fault if people don’t think I can be happy when faced with a diagnosis,” Isabel concluded.

Last Sunday, the 12th, Lucas posted a photo of him and his wife and wished Isabel a happy Mother’s Day. “Happy Mother’s Day, my love. Maybe people think it’s weird, but we just know each other! We’re prophesying! I love you, my kitty,” he wrote in the caption.

Isabel Veloso was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma when she was 15 years old. Since 2021, she has undergone chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, among other treatments. In November 2023 she was considered recovered. However, in January 2024, the cancer returned and in a more aggressive form. With very short expectations, the influencer did crowdfunding on the internet to make some dreams come true, including getting married.

Who is Isabel Veloso?  The 17-year-old influencer has terminal cancer
Who is Isabel Veloso? A 17-year-old influencer has terminal cancer

Source: Terra

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