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The ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ actress is losing her uterus almost a year after having her breast removed due to cancer

Actress Olivia Munn, famous for her appearances in films such as ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’, has revealed that she recently underwent a radical hysterectomy as part of her fight against breast cancer.

It was last March when she announced that the disease was diagnosed, much to her surprise, in April 2023.

To eliminate the condition, the star removed both breasts: “It was much more difficult than I expected,” she confessed to People.

Olivia Munn had her uterus removed for this reason

Olivia Munn spoke to US Vogue about the battle she has faced since discovering she had luminal B breast cancer, an “aggressive, fast-moving cancer”.

In addition to removing all of her breast tissue, she explained, her doctors decided she would need to start hormone suppression therapy.

With such a measure, Munn’s ovaries would stop producing estrogen, which feeds the luminal B breast cancer, and her body would enter menopause, reducing her future risk.

However, with this treatment the actress lost all her energy and spent her time in bed: “It was debilitating exhaustion on another level.”

Olivia didn’t like this, because her son, Malcolm, found out. So she asked specialists if there were any alternatives to medication, which led her to return to surgery last month.

“Now I’ve had an oophorectomy and a hysterectomy. “They removed my uterus, my fallopian tubes and my ovaries,” she confessed.

She didn’t take this choice lightly, as it would mean she wouldn’t be able to have children naturally later, but it was the most appropriate thing to do.

“It was a big decision to make, but it was the best for me because I had to be there for my family,” he asserted.

“There were friends who tried to cheer me up by saying, ‘Malcolm’s not going to remember this. Don’t worry,” he recalls.

“But I kept thinking, ‘He’s going to remember this, that I’ve missed all these things.’ It’s her childhood, but it’s my motherhood and I don’t want to lose any of those pieces if I don’t have to,” she said.

Olivia Munn panicked after surgery

Olivia Munn admitted that the days after the procedure were painful and that she was also emotionally affected.

“I had a real moment of panic. Real meltdown. Because it’s so weird when you’ve been in this body your whole life, you’ve been menstruating for so long, you feel when you ovulate and suddenly it’s gone,” she said.

The model announced that she and her partner, actor John Mulaney, underwent a fertility procedure, so they have “two healthy embryos” thanks to which they could have more children whenever they want.

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