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Kevin O’Chris joins FP do Trem Bala and Los Brasileros as a singles player

KING SAINTS, co-author of IZA’s new album, participates in the vocals and composition of the song produced by the Grammy winners together with Karol G.

Ready to let everyone hear a refined sound, Los Brasileros have collaborated with the big names of Rio’s funk and urban music to enter the music charts with a bang. “Faroeste” is a partnership between FP Bullet Train, Kevin OR Chris AND HOLY KINGS with the trio, and also has the production of Ternary music and arrives on streaming apps Friday, May 17.

The lyrics are signed by the main artists, alongside Marcellus AND Larry AND it’s tailor-made for those who want to have fun or feel like they’re at one of Rio de Janeiro’s traditional funk parties, with deep bass, genre-characteristic rhythms and sexy language that puts the icing on the cake.

“In this song, we created a fantastic mix of Brazilian funk. Combining beatbox and drums with the charm of voltmix and miami bass. It has an aesthetic of guitars and whistles reminiscent of American western songs, along with the rhythms, bringing this energy to the lyrics and atmosphere of the sound”, reveals Los Brasileiros.

Great feat!

The partnership already has huge numbers, after all the names involved already have a large audience: Kevin O Chris has more than 20 million listeners; FP do Trem Bala has 5 million and KING SAINTS, who is one of the main authors of the new album of IZA and CLEOhas 35 thousand listeners.

“It’s a mix of leading urban music artists, coming together for a party anthem. A sound that makes everyone dance at every party, really loud.”, completes the trio.

The award-winning producers confirmed that there will be a music video for the track, as well as stressing that the names chosen to be part of the song had an established concept: to bring together artists they admire who would give personality to the track. he needs:

“The idea was to bring together the funk artists and urban music we admire, in an unusual sound, different from what they are used to releasing, but with the same energy as the music to appreciate,” he concludes.

Source: Terra

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