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“Family is everything”: Mathias puts Venus against the wall and poses a dangerous threat

Mathias corners Venus and makes a terrible proposal to the girl from “Family is everything”

The siege is upon us ‘Family is everything!’ Well, the villain of the plot will try to scare the girl and make her a terrible proposal in Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera.

This is because Mathias, (Fernando Pavão), faces Venus, (Natalia Dill), after reporting him for embezzlement of funds. The bastard then threatens her with a gun and offers her a corrupt deal: she will have to take the blame for the crime.

In exchange he will give money to cover the loans taken out in the girl’s name. It all begins when Mathias secretly follows Venus and surprises her in the hospital where Neptune is hospitalized.

Terrifying moment

He forces her into an empty room, where he reveals his indecent proposal. Venus, horrified, refuses and tries to call the police, but is interrupted by Mathias’ gun threat. The girl is outraged at the idea of ​​taking the blame for a crime she didn’t commit, while the scoundrel is determined to clear her name.

Source: Terra

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