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At just 3 years old in 1994, this actress who had already shot a shoot for Playboy starred in a banking commercial with a sports star. Recognize?

An actress who has already posed for “Playboy” and participated in a very successful reality show at just 3 years old took part in a banking commercial together with a Brazilian sports star

The first version of the telenovela “Chiquititas” (SBT, 1997/2001) it was the launching pad for a series of actors and actresses, including those who had already undertaken the artistic path for some time. And so it was when an actress, years after leaving the uniform of the Orphanato Raio de Luz, showed off her curves in a sexy shoot for “Playboy” and he had to face a fight against cancer, from which, fortunately, he emerged victorious.

But even before being a chiquitita, this actress made other soap operas on SBT – she was Flávia Monteiro’s daughter in “Éramos Seis” (1994) and was in “Colégio Brasil” (1996) – and acted commercials, such as the one for “Minha Caixa, Nosso Banco” next to the “trash” Hortênciaformer basketball player and one of the main names in Brazilian sport, in 1993.

YES! We are talking about Carla Diaznow 33, runner-up at “Dança dos Famosos 2023”, with notable stints at “BBB 21” (2021) and for the San Paolo carnival, as well as more than 20 roles in soap operas and films. Including Maria from the children’s soap opera, the gold lover Khadija (“O Clone”, 2001), the fearless Lucrécia (“Plano Alto”, 2014), the “periguete” Carine (“A Força do Querer” , 2017), IS to Suzane von Richthofen (in three films about the young woman who helped kill her own parents).

Years after ‘Chiquititas’, Carla Diaz posed sexy for ‘Playboy’

In an interview with “Programa Livre” (SBT, 1991/2001), Carla was amused when she recalled that she “didn’t say anything” in another campaign. In this commercial with Hortência, the actress was almost 4 years old and announced the arrival of Real…

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