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Listen to “Superbaby”, single by the mysterious and performing Paradise Guerrilla

A mysterious and performing band that combines pop music and science fiction, this is how Paradise Guerrilla describe themselves. “A band made up of two interdimensional beings, Frankstation and UFO, and an earthling, Starlight”, which brings a fusion of 80s pop, disco, early 2000s and a rock setting to the recently released single “Superbaby”.

Listen to “Superbaby”

“Superbaby” is a hymn to female emancipation, “brings into its narrative a woman with almost supernatural powers, which represent the inner strength, self-confidence and self-love of women”, they explain.

Inspired by Pharrell Williams, Timbaland and Britney Spears and with references in the production to the work of Michael Jackson, “the song is an anthem to determination and achieving dreams, which resonates not only with female audiences, but with anyone looking for strengthen one’s inner essence,” they conclude.

The band has performed at musical events such as The Town. And in his future projects there are pop songs in Portuguese. In addition to “Superbaby”, they released the single “1000 per hour” and are preparing new feature films, including collaborations with big names in Brazilian music, internationally renowned.

Source: Terra

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