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The erotic thriller film with the ‘Bridgerton’ actress that made Netflix pay more than R$ 100 million to have it in its catalog

The film available on Netflix features the protagonist of “Bridgerton” in several very hot and mysterious scenes.

“Bridgerton” is one of Netflix’s most popular series and he’s about to do it premieres its third season. The production is a huge success, as are its actors, who are out there doing other jobs. One of them is the film “Fair Game”, starring Phoebe Dynevor. For those who don’t know or don’t remember, Phoebe is the actress she played Daphne in the first season of “Bridgerton”.. In ‘Fair Game’, however, she looks nothing like the girl from the costume series.

Erotic thriller with the ‘Bridgerton’ actress

“Fair Game” is directed by Chloe Domont and stars Phoebe Dynevor and Alden Ehrenreich as protagonists Emily and Luke. In the film, the two are colleagues at a competitive financial company. At the same time, they have a secret relationship, as the relationship is against company rules. However, Emily is surprised by a promotion and becomes Luke’s boss. From that point on, the couple’s relationship begins to change, leaving Luke uncomfortable and pushing their relationship to the limit. It’s an erotic thriller, with lots of hot sex scenes and suspense.

Millionaire movie!

Netflix wanted this film so much that they bought it for “merely” $20 million at the Sundance Festival. This equates to more than R$100 million. The film is now available on Netflix and has achieved enormous success with audiences and critics.

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