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Gianella’s mother, Anuel’s daughter, will sue the singer for not “counting” the girl among her children

Melissa Vallecilla, mother of Anuel AA’s daughter Gianella, attacked the singer after, in her opinion, he did not “tell” the little girl when he talked about his children recently.

The singer was a guest on the program of journalist Santiago Matías, known as “Alofoke”, which was broadcast on May 14.

During the conversation they asked the Puerto Rican how he manages to be with his three children, Pablo, Gianella and Catlegia, despite his busy schedule.

“He took time to share with Pablo more than ever now,” she said. “I’m taking it to different places than ever before.”

Regarding the baby he had with Yailin La Más Viral, ‘Cata’ explained that he was finally able to keep in touch with her and even saw her again weeks ago.

“This is my first daughter. (…) I can call now, see her. He already started making faces, laughing at me,” he said clearly moved.

“And Gianella lives in Houston. “It’s no secret that mother and I don’t (have) the best relationship because the circumstances in which we met were not the best,” he said.

Gianella’s mother attacks Anuel AA

After Anuel AA’s statements came to light, Melissa Vallecilla took to her Instagram stories to send him a message.

“Apparently drug and alcohol use affects your neurons and causes you to lose your memory,” he wrote at the beginning.

“If Gianella doesn’t matter to you then why have you been supporting her since I was pregnant and why tour with her for a month or celebrate her birthday and why are you suing me for custody?” added.

“And I want you to know that I’m going to counter-sued you because you’re not a fit man to be around my daughter, you bad father,” he warned the interpreter of “Adito.”

She claimed that she has no problem “renouncing” her surname and the Puerto Rican’s support if needed, since she alone is capable of having her baby “like a queen.”

Vallecilla scolded Anuel because, not long ago, he “sold” her as a “4-hour guy knowing that there was a friendly relationship for 3 months.”

“You were filled with hate because I made my pregnancy public. (…) And to your surprise, I have proof of everything. And there’s a lot that I’ve kept quiet about so you don’t say I want to hurt your career, but I’m sick of it,” he said.

“If you don’t respect my daughter, I don’t have to respect you! “We’ll see each other in court,” he concluded, adding a clown face emoji.

Anuel AA was slow to recognize Gianella as his daughter

In March 2022, an investigation by El Gordo y La Flaca revealed that Anuel knew that Melissa Vallecilla would have his baby and that he took a paternity test with a 99% result.

However, in February of the following year, the artist appeared on a “live” show and denied having a relationship with the Colombian, while also denying being Gianella’s father.

Just a few weeks later, in April, he admitted the baby was his, saying he hadn’t done so before because “I was consumed by resentment.”

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