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Cristiano Ronaldo reveals the curious habit of keeping fit: ‘From now on don’t call me’

According to the Portuguese himself, the technique helps to rest the brain ahead of the Al-Nassr matches

Cristiano Ronaldo revealed on the afternoon of Wednesday the 15th a technique that could improve the athlete’s quality of life: it is forbidden to talk every day after 10pm.

In an interview with the Spanish newspaper Sports World, the Portuguese star said the technique helps rest the brain. For the star there is little care, even after training. You have already clarified that you are not answering your phone at the moment.

“I never talk after 10pm, not even on the phone. Don’t call me after that time. I like to rest my mind. As a professional footballer it takes total dedication. It’s not just the two hours of training.” ,” he said.

At 39, the Al-Nassr star has never hidden the fact that she is careful about her body. In other interviews with media portals, Cristiano said he doesn’t drink alcohol, doesn’t smoke and is careful about his diet. All this in favor of a longer career in football. Ronaldo had 16 injuries while playing professionally.

But, despite his efforts, the star ended the current season without winning a title Al-Nassr. They were eliminated in the quarter-finals of the Asian Champions League by Al-Ain and finished second in the Saudi League. To date, the Portuguese has played 60 games for the club, with 54 goals scored, 14 assists and only one title won, the Arab Champions Cup in 2023.

Source: Terra

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