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Gracyanne reacts and bursts out laughing with questions involving Belo; Watch a video!

The influencer Gracyanne Barbosa answers questions about her ex-husband’s name, Belo, and surprises the web

The influencer Gracyanne Barbosa she burst out laughing when answering questions about the name of her ex-husband, the singer Beautiful. They had announced their separation in recent weeks, after 16 years together.

This Wednesday 15/05, the fitness muse could not hold back laughter in an interview with the comedian Tirullipa. “I’m here in front of this pole dance, from the owner of the pole dance. You can’t lie, only tell the truth, only the truth. This is a comedy program, from the Circo do Tiru, ​​Don’ Don’t be afraid of controversy “start.

Without mincing words, the celebrity played with some puns on Belo’s name. “Question number one: in the morning, when you go to greet someone, do you wish them a ‘good morning’, a ‘nice day’ or have a ‘nice day'”, Tirullipa wanted to know. “Beautiful…beautiful day”, Garcyanne replied laughing.

“If you could travel anywhere in the world, you would stop in Belo Horizonte, Belgium or Belarus”, He Completed. “Belarus,” fired the star.


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