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‘I don’t like getting involved in other people’s controversies’: Maisa reveals how she escapes scandals involving other celebrities

Maisa revealed that she is a more rational person and doesn’t like getting involved in other people’s disputes. Ever since I was little, it’s rare to see the actress’ name involved in a scandal and she explains how to avoid it!

Maisa She has become famous since she participated in Raul Gil’s program, when she was only three years old. When she turned 5, the presenter and actress signed a contract SBT and remained with the broadcaster Silvio Santos for 13 years and, ever since, he has continued to be a star in the spotlight. But in all this time Maisa’s name has never been the subject of controversy and she has a strategy that includes a very strong support network.

“I have a very strong internal management, I’m super rational. I consider everything, I think a lot before speaking and doing things. Sometimes I would like to be more impulsive, but I can’t. I don’t like getting involved in other people’s controversies, even if the I did it when I was young, I start from the fact that I don’t know everything and I don’t have the truth, so I protect what I consider unnecessary, I know my limits.” she said “Glamour”.

“As incredible as it may seem, being in the public eye, for me, is normal”

Thanks to her work, Maisa reached maturity very early. However, she does not feel like she has missed important moments of her childhood or adolescence because of her fame. “I didn’t lose, I just chose not to show most of them. Some happened in front of the public, like when I turned 15 or on my first date. My rites of passage mix between my personal life and my artistic career, but I have chosen to protect my most intimate choices. This is the secret to balance in my life. I need some privacy too to feel normal,” she said.

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