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‘First production’: Reynaldo Gianecchini appears unrecognizable as a drag queen alongside Diego Martins; see behind the scenes

Reynaldo Gianecchini ‘played’ the role of drag queen for the first time for the show ‘Priscillla: Queen of the Desert’. Diego Martins showed a little behind the scenes! Watch:

Rinaldo Gianecchini , with whom he has already worked Jade Picon in an old advertisementappeared unrecognizable on social media Monday evening (13). The actor, which was exposed with an intimate web video last yearshe appeared as a drag queen for a role in the musical “Priscilla: Queen of the Desert”. Behind the scenes published this Wednesday (15th) by Diego Martins, that shone in “Land and Passion” in Kelvin’s skinit is possible to follow part of the characterization process of the eternal soap opera heartthrob.

Reynaldo Gianecchini appears in a blonde wig and a low-cut swimsuit

The show’s official page has published photos of the four artists, duly characterized, who will be present in the Brazilian production: Reynaldo, Diego, Veronica Valentino AND Wallie Ruy. The interpreter of Matias, from “Good morning, Veronica”, looked unrecognizable in a giant yellow heart-shaped wig and culottes with a low-cut swimsuit. With a smile and strong makeup, the actor was highly praised in the comments! “Never thought I’d see Reynaldo in drag! It was amazing,” one Instagram user remarked.

Gianecchini will be the protagonist Antonio Belrosealso called Tick, a man who transforms into a drag queen (Mitzie) and decides to travel with two other drag friends to find a son who is not close to him. Diego Martins will be fine Adam Whiteleythe drag queen Felicia. Now the character Bernadette Bassengera trans woman who also plays the drag queen, will be shared by the actress and singer Verónica Valent…

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