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IRPF 2024 | How to use the declaration to make donations to RS

You can use your tax return to make donations to funds for children and seniors in RS; Watch step by step

If you have not yet declared your Irpef this year, know that it is possible to use it IRPF 2024 to make donations to the victims of the climate tragedy in Rio Grande do Sul The app IRS There is an area to distribute part of the amount to be paid and which can be allocated to the state of Rio Grande do Sul: it is possible to donate up to 6% of the tax to protection funds for children or the elderly, with a limit of 3% for each of the options.

The amount is taken from the amount the person has to pay in taxes, so there is no need to make an additional payment. Furthermore, the application itself already informs what is the maximum amount that the person can send as a donation based on what has already been declared. OR Canaltech explains the steps needed to do this.

How to make donations to RS in IRPF return 2024

Follow these steps on PC or mobile device:

  1. Open the IRPF 2024 application;
  2. Access your account statement;
  3. Fill in the necessary information;
  4. Select the “Donations directly in the statement” tab;
  5. Choose between the destination of the funds for children or adults;
  6. Click “New”;
  7. Select state”;
  8. Choose Rio Grande do Sul;
  9. Enter the value and press “Ok” to save.

  10. Please direct your donation to RS (Image: Screenshot/André Magalhães/Canaltech)

Can I donate after submitting the declaration?

If you have already sent the document, the alternative is to open the app and create an amending declaration and enter the donation in this space. By doing so, however, the person is brought to the end of the reimbursement queue and risks losing the position that guarantees the first lots.


  1. Open the IRPF app;
  2. Select “Declaration”;
  3. Press “Rectify”;
  4. Choose the statement;
  5. Update with donation.

It is important to remember that the Federal Revenue Agency has extended the deadline for sending the IRPF declaration in all municipalities of Rio Grande do Sul until August 31st. Additionally, state residents will receive their refund on May 31. Check out more too options to donate to RS victims.

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