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It All Begins Here: What’s in store for Thursday 16 May 2024 Episode 926 [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for It All Begins tomorrow night on TF1! If you’d rather know nothing, go ahead.

On Thursday, May 16, everything starts here…

Salome accident victim

It’s time for the second round of the Coupe de France de Cuisine in Brittany. Each team must come up with a recipe that includes Roskoff onions, coarse sea salt, chicken stock, and a secret ingredient to be found at Chef Rossetti’s hotel. A bicycle is available in each brigade to make a round trip and find information related to Viscount Wilbresme. Jimmy and Salome dedicate themselves accordingly.

At the inn, Jim comes across a painting of the Viscount, which also features a rabbit. He calls Jasmine to warn her, then hangs up as Salome enters the room. The young woman spends more time looking for a solution. Alone, he digs into the Viscount’s biography and discovers that he had a passion for raising salt meadow lambs. He calls Kelly to relay the information. He immediately begins a recipe around this ingredient and instructs Salome to prepare the accompaniments as soon as he returns.

During the test, Jasmine observes her competitors and notices that no one has found the same secret ingredient. Jim thinks he may have made a mistake in choosing the rabbit. Landiras notes that their recipe lacks salt. Jasmine then invents salt meadow lamb and decides to change her recipe to cook around this meat.

With Salome still not back, Kelly and Maya are under pressure. Teissier decides to go find Salome while they continue to eat. Lenglart wastes no time in taunting Kelly, prompting her to give up. But this only increases the motivation of the young girl, who finds new ideas to improve her dish.

At the end of the test, DeLobel and Rossetti confirm that the secret ingredient was salted meadow lamb. Then they announce the teams that qualified for the semi-finals: among them are the brigades of Lenglart, Jasmin and Kelly! While Maya tries to contact Salome, who is still missing, Kelly receives congratulations from Chef Rossetti. The latter apologizes for not hearing from him all these years, because he loved to cook with him and was sure that he would become a brilliant chef. Kelly is touched.

A short time later, Kelly calls Tessier to tell him the good news. He still hasn’t found Salome. Suddenly, he discovers the body of a young girl, inert, on a rock. It seems that he fell on a bicycle…

Thelma returned to the Institute

Back at the Institute to begin her internship, Thelma enters Solal and David’s room to wake them up using a megaphone.

Later, the two boys go to the studio to eat, with Thelma watching them. Solal tries to teach her some things, but the young girl is more interested in partying. At the same time, Solal receives a message from Du Chesnay instructing him to take the order. Thel then offered to finish the wok recipe for him. Solali agrees to cut vegetables for him.

Quickly completing her task with flying colors, Thelma decides to continue the recipe by putting the beef in the wok. While cooking, she takes a story for callers and discusses her work as an influencer with David. Distracted, he allows the flesh to burn. Panicking, she looked at the vegetables on the floor, as well as David’s phone, which was placed on the work surface. Solal returns at this time to find disaster.

A young man takes a deadline from Chef Armand to make his dish. Instead, he gets 2 points less. To make up for it, Thelma offers to invite the boys to a restaurant. But Solal is angry: he tries to understand that cooking is not a game for him. On the contrary, he tries to overcome and improve himself every day.

Billy has a plan to oust Cardone

In the kitchen, Judy announces to the brigade that she is going to replace Salome and Anais as the head of Double A. All the students envy the young women for being away from the Institute – and therefore from Cardon. He arrives at the same time and declares that no plate will be allowed in the dining-room without his permission.

So, during the service, Cardone checks everything. He clearly finds fault with Berenice and Tom’s plates, but he focuses particularly on Leonard’s plates. He asks all the other students to come and see his plate, stating that it is an example of what not to do. He forces Leonard to taste his dish. He admits that the juice is very strong. Cardone drives the points home by saying that he will never pass exams at this level. Although Leonard has tears in his eyes, Judy takes full responsibility for the quality of the dish. Cardone replies that he hasn’t changed since Lille: he still can’t command a brigade.

At CDI, Leonard tells Billy what happened. Berenia reminds the young man that he is not guilty. But he regrets not standing up to Cardone. Bill then confides in his friends that he plans to get him out of the institute.

Away from prying eyes, Billy first makes Berenice and Leonard promise not to reveal anything about his plan to anyone. He plans to use the fortune cookies that Jude wants to hand out to each Double A customer during the next day’s service to include messages criticizing Cardone’s harassment.

Source: Allocine

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