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The Madonna was seen crying a few times at the Copacabana Palace

The singer pays a high price for more than 40 years dedicated to dance and 12 exhausting tours

A friend of the column, with privileged access to the backstage of Madonna’s historic show in Rio, learned of the suffering experienced by the singer in the days preceding the show.

After long rehearsals in a room of the Copacabana Palace, the singer cried a few times due to pain in her knees and joints. Her recurring problem caused her to wear a compression knee brace when she appeared on stage to finish the “Celebration Tour.”

In 2020, during a performance of her previous tour, “Madame X”, in Paris, she was moved to tears on stage. She had to be removed by an assistant. One show was canceled to allow him to recover from his injury.

At 65, Madonna is feeling the consequences of her dedication to dance since her teens. Her body sacrificed in so many choreographies asks for help. The artist is currently convalescing in her home on the Upper East Side, New York.

Source: Terra

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