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Comrade Washington scolds Scheila Carvalho: “I don’t like this woman”

Singer Compadre Washington exposes the pain and reveals the unacceptable attitude of dancer Scheila Carvalho

Singer Comrade Washington spoke about his relationship with the dancer Scheila Carvalho. She dated the beauty in 1998, shortly after she joined the It’s the tchan.

In an interview with the Axé Universefrom TV Aratu, 10 years after the separation, Washington confessed to harboring resentment towards his ex-girlfriend. “I don’t know why she doesn’t admit that we had a love story, I don’t know if she’s ashamed or because when we broke up she fought so much. I don’t talk to her, I hate her, I don’t like this woman“, I shoot.

Compadre revealed the reason: “All this because there was one thing where when we broke up, she stopped talking to my daughter, who adored her.”

“My greatest pain”

Comrade Washington said that Scheila moved away from the heiress and never looked for her again. “My family paid attention to her when she arrived in Salvador and she did this to my daughter. This was my biggest regret. We broke up and she forgot about my daughter, she didn’t talk to her. It annoyed my family will be screwed”he has declared.

Source: Terra

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