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Maite Perroni’s husband reveals there is an investigation into alleged embezzlement by RBD: “There is a loophole”

RBD returned to the stage with great success in 2023. After a 15-year gap, Anahí, Maite Perroni, Christopher Uckermann, Dulce María and Christian Chávez triumphed in the United States and Latin America.

However, their reunion was marred when it was revealed that the group’s manager, Guillermo Rosas, had allegedly committed fraud against them.

After weeks of speculation, first Perroni confirmed the representative was no longer working with them, and then Uckermann appeared to admit betrayal.

“Not to justify it, but I think a lot of bands or singers in the first phase of success go through situations like this,” he told Despierta América in February.

The actor also revealed that he was “in an administrative account process, which has been going on for a few months.”

Maite Perroni’s husband confirms that “there is an audit underway”

Months after RBD performed its last show in Mexico City, Maite Perroni’s husband, Andrés Tovar, announced that an investigation is currently underway into his tour earnings.

“There is an ongoing audit in which they are looking into the whole internal matter of the ‘tour’,” he said in an interview with “Ventaneando” broadcast on May 15.

“They are also thinking of talking to the companies involved to look at the issue of resources: where they are, how much they are,” he added.

The TV producer pointed out that, in the case of RBD, “it is very important that they close the numbers until the end”.

“(The members) each have their own independent lawyers and there is an American who was hired. He takes the necessary steps to check that all the numbers are in order and the contracts,” he explained.

“There is a lack of what is said to have gone in or what the ‘tour’ brought in in terms of what they (Perroni, Anahí, Christopher Uckermann, Dulce María and Christian Chávez) received,” he revealed.

Regarding a possible completion date for that process, Tovar said, “No, they’re still working on it. “An audit of a tour of this size takes several months.”

Will RBD do another tour?

On the same occasion, Andrés Tovar answered if RBD will return for another tour, as Christopher Uckermann had expressed that there was a possibility.

“They also need to close control (of) this ‘tour’ before they think about whether they want to start another one,” he stated from his perspective.

This information comes days after it was rumored that Maite Perroni, Dulce María, Christian Chávez and Uckermann would be upset with Anahí for congratulating Guillermo Rosas on his birthday.

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