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FIFA announces sporting punishments for racism

The entity obliges its 211 affiliates to include “appropriate and severe sanctions” against racist acts in their disciplinary codes

FIFA announced on Thursday (16) that it will implement sporting sanctions in cases of racism in football. During an annual conference in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, the entity presented the ‘Global Stand Against Racism’, in which it obliges its 211 affiliates to include, in their disciplinary codes, specific articles to classify crimes of racism with “own and serious”, including the conclusion of the game. In other words, the team involved in the racist act will leave the field defeated.

Furthermore, another innovation announced by FIFA is the creation of a specific gesture which consists of crossing the arms at the wrists, to warn the referees in case of racist insults. In this way, the organization claims that it must “stop, suspend and cancel games in the event of racist acts”.

FIFA wants racist behavior to be criminalized in all countries. At the same time, it will require the application of severe sanctions in places where racism is already criminalised.

Finally, the organization will promote educational initiatives in schools and governments, with the aim of achieving “a future free of racism”.

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Source: Terra

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