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15 years ago she was an unknown ‘struggling’ for education in school and today she is one of the greatest singers in the country. Recognize?

Always a strong personality! Find out who the singer was who ‘acted’ in her free time at school:

Before be known throughout the world, Anita I was already “military” at school. Owner with a strong personalitysinger who could experience a new love story He studied at a technical school in Rio de Janeiro and was already concerned about education, a topic he constantly addresses today. In a viral story on the web, the Rio native appeared, still a girl, being interviewed at the institute and “tearing words” about the behavior of other students! The powerful always spokeIsn’t this it?

Anitta, when she was still just Larissa, blows up the students’ behavior

At just 16 years old, Larisa – well before becoming Anitta! -you studied administration at the Instituto Superior de Educação do Rio de Janeiro (ISERJ), managed by FAETEC (Foundation for the support of technical schools). On one of her study days, the then student was interviewed, probably about local education, and she complained about her classmates, in no uncertain terms!

“I think that the students do not collaborate in the preservation of the school… they litter, they dirty the school, they destroy the desks. They destroy the assets, even the very structure of the school. They break down the doors… .”, complained the voice of ‘Funk Rave’, wearing the typical schoolgirl look well known to the locals. The nasal voice and even more pronounced accent have also caught the attention of the web!

“The accent that Jade Picon wanted,” wrote a TikTok user, alluding to the character of the former BBB in ‘Travessia’, a soap opera broadcast on TV Globo from 2022 to 2023. “Our future p…

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