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Reborn: Eliana uses the dirtiest weapon to discover Buba’s true identity

Eliana (Sophie Charlotte) will not rest until she discovers Buba’s (Gabriela Medeiros) true past. In the next chapters of the remake of RebornDondoca will decide to investigate the psychologist’s life after a conversation with Mariana (Theresa Fonseca).

The former model will have confused ideas after learning from Mariana that she has discovered, through Teca (Lívia Silva), a strange story about the past of José Venâncio’s (Rodrigo Simas) ex-girlfriend. José Inocêncio’s (Marcos Palmeira) wife would say that he is half a man.

Faced with this, the fox will decide to pull the strings and begin the plan to destroy Buba’s life, considering her responsible for the end of her marriage with Venâncio. She will decide to go to Rio de Janeiro and will stay in the apartment that belonged to José Bento (Marcello Melo Jr) and which is now with Kika (Juliane Araújo).

Eliana seduces the lawyer to destroy Buba’s life

Eliana will get the number of a lawyer from Eriberto (Pedro Neschiling) to investigate Buba’s entire past. After that, Kika will capture Eliana has a very heated conversation with the lawyer. She will then confess her plan to seduce the boy to discover the young woman’s true identity.

“Mariana told me she was only half a woman… I just hadn’t connected the dots”will tell. “That this Buba is an invention… A lie. Another one, in fact. His name, in fact, is Humberto, my love!”will complete.

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