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JLo Fuels Divorce Rumors: Likes Post About ‘Red Flags’ In Relationships

Jennifer Lopez has just fueled rumors that her marriage to Ben Affleck could be over soon after nearly two years.

Although the singer and the actor have not officially commented on their alleged crisis, she apparently dropped a hint that things between them would not be good.

JLo likes a healthy relationship post

On May 16, the Daily Mail reported that Jennifer López liked a “post” on Instagram about “red flags” in romantic relationships.

The ‘On the floor’ singer has ‘liked’ a post on couples coach Lenna Marsak’s profile.

The “coach” in fact yesterday Thursday boasted that when she entered her account in the application she noticed the action of the actress.

In March, Marsak uploaded the series of images that thanked the artist. The first says: “You can’t build a healthy relationship with someone who…”.

In the second he states: “He lacks integrity and emotional security.” With his explanation he pointed out that “trust is the basis of all” romance.

With a third slide, the expert explained that it’s not possible to build a good relationship with someone who “doesn’t respect your time” and doesn’t “respond to calls and messages within a decent time frame.”

Lanna similarly rejects people who “lack emotional communication skills” and applies the “silent treatment” or refuses to talk “unless it’s on their terms.”

What would happen between JLo and Ben Affleck?

On Wednesday, May 15, In Touch revealed that, according to a source, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are “going to break up.”

“They will never stop loving each other, but she can’t control him and he can’t change her. It is impossible that it would have lasted,” he argued.

It also revealed that the actor will no longer be living in the Beverly Hills mansion he shared with the “Selena” star.

In this context, Page Six announced that the Hollywood heartthrob was seen on May 16 leaving a house in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles.

However, it wouldn’t be the end of “Bennifer” just yet, as an insider assured the paper that they would be receiving therapy to resolve their alleged conflicts.

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