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Borderline: 4 Celebrities Facing Personality Disorder

We list Brazilian celebrities who have spoken publicly about their struggle with mental health

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a serious mental health problem. Among its main symptoms are instability in personal relationships, difficulty understanding who the person is, intense mood swings and impulsive behavior.

The disorder can cause major challenges in everyday life. However, many celebrities prove that it is possible to live with it TPB, continuing treatment, overcoming difficulties and achieving great success in their careers. Therefore, we have separated four celebrities who deal with borderline on a daily basis.

Andressa Urach

In 2021, the celebrity revealed his BPD diagnosis. Throughout her treatment, which was not easy at all, Andressa Urach He also published a long video on his YouTube channel in which he talks about his entire experience with the disorder.

Gabi Prado

The influencer’s diagnosis came later this year. Gabi Prado he revealed the news to his followers last week, explaining that this was the reason for his disappearance from social media. “I’m at my wits’ end. I found out a few months ago and I’m not ready to talk about it now,” the influencer revealed.

Gustavo Tubarao

Gustavo Tubarao revealed that he has been suffering from the disorder since 2022. However, he only told his sister. The revelation to the public, in fact, arrived in 2023.”My mood changes every five minutes. It goes from heaven to hell. I got to a point where I couldn’t stand this rapid change in mood anymore. Sometimes I’m happy in a place with a group and, out of nowhere, a deep sadness hits me, and after five minutes I come back and I’m happy.”he explained at the time.

Raissa Barbosa

Finally, we have former farmer Raissa Barbosa. The model discovered her disorder during a series of confusions within A Fazenda 12. At the time, in fact, she regretted what had happened, in an interview with Contigo magazine. “In my head no one was watching and no one knew. When I came out here, I saw people embracing me and embracing the cause“, She said.

Source: Terra

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