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MC Daniel confirms the relationship with the entrepreneur: ‘Fantastic’

The singer praised the model and said he “lets her do it.”

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MC Daniel confirmed that he is in a relationship with the businesswoman Lorena Maria, last Thursday, 16. The singer declared that the two are getting to know each other and that he is “allowing himself” to experience this new love. The information comes from Léo Dias portal.

The musician’s statement came during the recording of Matheus Fernandes’ new DVD, after rumors that he was involved with the model. “I’m meeting someone better. She is an amazing woman,” he said of the model.

Lorena Maria is an influencer, model and entrepreneur. She was married to DJ Rennan da Penha, also had a relationship with actor and singer Romaní, and has already been identified as having a relationship with player Vinícius Jr. When talking about her new romance, Mc Daniel was full of praise.

“She’s a hard-working black girl who left the favela and is now a model, actress and entrepreneur. I admire her a lot and we are getting to know each other better,” said the singer.

Source: Terra

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