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“I will not remain the same person,” says Nadja Haddad after the death of one of her twin sons

Antônio died on May 11, the eve of Mother’s Day, after being born prematurely

The presenter Nadja Haddad I took to social media this Saturday, the 18th, to talk about mourning the loss of one of his twin sons, Antônio, born on April 25. He died on the eve of Mother’s Day, after being born prematurely and spending weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit of the Maternidade Pro-Matre Paulista, in Sao Paulo.

Nadja Haddad and her husband, politician Danilo Joan, continue to care for her other twin, José, who remains in the neonatal intensive care unit. Through Instagram Stories she shared her outburst about the pain, highlighting the hope for the recovery of her son who is still fighting for his life.

“Now that I can get out of that atmosphere of so much pain. Yesterday was the first day I didn’t cry that much, I just cried a little before going to sleep. I know how we are supporting ourselves: we support ourselves through faith Many people have commented that we end up strengthening those who are on our side I always told you that I chose to trust and even in the face of so much pain, we would never feel angry I don’t understand, but, in the end, when we have this. connection with the spiritual plane, we understand very clearly why things happen,” he said.

“Naturally I will not go into details with you because these are intimate things, but Antônio, in such a short time, has achieved changes, transformations, restorations, that we had not seen 20 years ago. He accomplished his mission, but it is a pain that cannot I wish it on no one. It’s an emptiness, it’s a… I really don’t know if I will continue to be the same person, in fact I won’t continue to be the same person, it’s not possible in the face of so many changes, but especially in the face of pain. A part of me is dead, a part of Dan that I know is gone too. A part of me was already gone with my father, it’s really about handing him over to God and letting him rebuild him, that. everything comes back,” he added.

Source: Terra

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