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10 habits that help you lose weight and stop gaining weight

These are tips that help you stay fit even during the summer.

Just commenting on weight loss makes someone imagine a difficult process, right? That’s where many people go wrong! After all, you can lose weight in a light and relaxed way. In this sense, the the body analyst Igor Gomes will share 10 habits to facilitate weight loss.

Discover the 10 habits to facilitate weight loss

Start meals with raw foods

Eat slowly, because it takes about 16 minutes for satiety hormones to be released and you will eat less than your next meal.

Chew your food well

Good digestion begins with chewing. The more food enters the stomach, the better the digestion.

Avoid TV or cell phones when eating

Your mind does not concentrate when you see something eating and prevents the release of the hormones necessary for satiety, compromising the previous two actions.

Avoid belittling your body or any specific part

Negative and derogatory thoughts about our bodies can release stress hormones, such as cortisol, which is linked to the accumulation of abdominal fat.

Create anchors to remind you of what’s most important

You can draw a small star on the back of your hand, for example, and look at it whenever you feel anxious or about to give in to compulsions.

Take your attention away from the outcome

Forget about goals. Just focus on doing the basics well every day, as the result is the accumulation of daily micro victories and your success will be inevitable.

Parallel effect

A habit always comes with it. Focus on taking a walk every day, and as a result, you’ll notice an improvement in your diet and hydration.

Pay attention to your environment

Feeling alone in a social environment, even one full of people, can lead you to eat more than necessary to fill this emotional void. Don’t show up because they want you to, but because you feel good.

Crying can make you gain weight more than food

Avoid holding back crying or swallowing frogs, because anything you avoid will make you gain weight. Having companies that allow you to be who you are. When you need to cry, cry!

Love yourself to love others

The more you take care of yourself, love yourself, the better off you will be for the people around you and not the other way around.

Source: Terra

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