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Falls and accidents put the Brazilians out of the World Cup contention

It wasn’t a good day for the Brazilians who competed in the quarterfinals of the BMX World Championship on Saturday. Of the four Brazilians who took to the track, three had crashes that prevented them from advancing: Paola Reis (Elite women), Guylhe Carneiro (Under 23 men) and Thales Schuller (Junior men). The only one to complete his heat was Pedro Queiroz (Men’s Elite), but he finished fifth, just 163 thousandths from fourth and only the top four advanced to the semi-finals.



The first to take to the track was Thales Schuller, in the junior category, who had everything needed to qualify. He had an excellent run and was comfortable in fourth place, but, when he got excited about the possibility of gaining a position, he collided with the Swiss Niels Appermont and crashed. While the opponent continued to finish third and advance to the semifinals, the Brazilian ended up out of contention.

Under 23

Guylhe Carneiro, in the under 23 category, participated in a quarter-final heat in which four of the six cyclists were involved in accidents. But the Brazilian was the first to leave the race. Shortly after the start he lost his balance after the first obstacle and fell to the ground. Subsequently, three competitors were involved in an accident, which made life easier for Australian Jordan Callum, who came first, and Dutchman Jason Noordan, who came second. Of those who fell, those who got up the fastest still managed to qualify: American Patrick O’Brien and New Zealander Jack Greenough. American Weston Meurlot eliminated.


The only Brazilian officially qualified for the BMX Olympic Games, Paola Reis made a good start and was fighting for third place in her heat when she crashed and said goodbye to the competition. In the men’s category, Pedro Queiroz, at least, put an end to the curse of Brazilians falling in the quarterfinals of the BMX World Championship. He made a great start, taking the lead, but soon lost the lead. Despite this, he remained in the fight, got to third place, dropped to fourth and, on the last straight, very close to the finish line, saw New Zealander Rio Beaman, who had finished in fourth place, overtake him and advance. to the semi-finals.

Source: Terra

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