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Lucas Souza reveals Jaquelline’s reaction after discovering she was bisexual: “She already understood it”

Lucas Souza said he spoke about his sexuality with Jaquelline as soon as she left “A Fazenda.” Check the statements.

Luca Souza he opened his heart after revealing his bisexuality. In an interview with “Selfie Service”, the former pawn of “A Fazenda” recalled what it was like when she told the topic to his ex-girlfriend, Jaquelline, from whom he separated in April. She revealed that, even within the reality show, he was already sharing the details of the affair with her beloved.

“I always told her very clearly. Even in the program, because there were moments there, when we were in the duvet, we said some things to each other, you know? I always said it clearly, every time I told her ‘I’ already had relationships with people, etc.’ She already understood, but she also understood that I didn’t want to speak on the program,” Lucas said.

The boy claims that the conversation on the topic officially happened as soon as it happened Jaquelline exited “A Fazenda 15”, where she emerged victorious.

“The first conversation we had, when she left, we went to the hotel, we sat down, we talked: ‘let’s continue, let’s work, let’s take care’. I explained to her what was happening out here, because there were so many controversy, many people who spoke, took the floor. I said: ‘this happened, this, you can already imagine it, but I am this, this, exactly me'”, he explained.

One of the disputes Lucas refers to was with his ex-wife, Jojo Todynho. The funk singer publicly stated that one of the reasons for the end of the relationship was the fact that she had caught her then husband in intimate conversations…

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