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Alexandre Correa launches a new accusation against Ana Hickmann: “What am I going through in the hands of this woman”

Alexandre Correa said that Ana Hickmann did everything to stop his meetings with his son Alezinho. “A very sad, frustrating and reckless situation,” he stressed. Understand!

Alessandro Correa has once again made a serious accusation Ana Hickmann. Through her social networks, the presenter’s ex-husband declared that the artist, Edu Guedes’ current girlfriendhas constantly making it difficult for him to have meetings with his sonAlezinho.

“A very sad, frustrating and reckless situation. I would like everyone to pay attention to understand how far things are coming and what I am going through in the hands of this woman,” he said.

Shortly after, Alexandre explained in detail what happened. “This afternoon Ana Hickmann, without any warning, changed Alexandre’s delivery address. The grandparents were present, I was absent because I had gone out to buy bread for a quick snack”, she began.

“When I entered the house, Alexandre was crying, nervous, saying that his mother, in a message, accused his grandmother of having scolded him. I took my cell phone, saw the message and confirmed the truth of the situation. When my mother found out, she started crying very nervously and, as a result, Alexandre increased his nervousness,” she complains.

Alexandre Correa said that shortly after Ana Hickmann, who the audio had been leaked to her ex-husband, changed the place of delivery of her son again, to her home in Itu. “She said she would be at the entrance to the apartment building,” she pointed out. According to him, however, Ana was not there and, therefore, her father had to enter the house to pick up his nephew. “Experiencing once again all the humiliation that Ana always brings to my family,” he concluded.

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