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The journalist who resigned from Globo becomes a “bad influencer” in Portugal

Tatiana Nascimento promotes tours with tourists and gives advice on products that make cleaning the house easier

In June 2021 Tatiana Nascimento resigned from Globo journalism after 26 years of work. “I’m leaving for a new adventure outside Brazil,” he informed his editorial colleagues.

A few weeks later, he landed in Portugal. After the adjustment period, she decided to start her own online business. She has become an influencer. Or, as she defines it, “bad influencer”.

Tatiana produces content for Instagram, YouTube and a blog. It goes beyond traditional tourist advice. Showcase unusual curiosities, such as a visit to a medieval cemetery, a shop offering olive oil tastings, and prices at a local supermarket.

Based on a video interview, the reporter creates a personalized itinerary for up to 4 people and acts as the group’s guide through Lisbon. Price: 120 euros for 4 hours, as advertised on his website.

The former global shows her ‘housewife’ side by testing and recommending products to facilitate daily cleaning. As a good influencer, she offers discount coupons to her followers.

Like most journalists, artists and anonymous people who have left Brazil for Portugal, Tatiana Nascimento shows satisfaction with the radical change of life.

Gaúcha de Pelotas, the journalist began her career at the Globo branch of Santa Catarina, RBS in Blumenau. She later became a presenter on RBS in her home town.

In 1994 it joined another affiliate, EPTV in Ribeirão Preto, inland from São Paulo. He arrived at the Rio Globe in 2000.

“I worked for Jornal Nacional, Jornal Hoje, Jornal da Globo and Bom Dia Brasil. I recorded special programs for Globo Repórter and Fantástico,” he says in his profile. “I have presented several news programs of the station: RJTV, Bom Dia Rio, Brasil TV and Via Brasil on GloboNews.”

In Lisbon, he studied postgraduate studies in Storytelling at the Escola Superior de Comunicação Social, where he specialized in writing scripts for series, films and documentaries.

The journalist in an advert in Lisbon and in the Globo journalism studio, in Rio

Source: Terra

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