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Who on “BBB 24” lost the most followers after the reality show ended?

Davi from “BBB 24” lost nearly half a million fans

It’s been just over a month since BBB 24 reached the end, culmination David as champion and awarding him a prize of R $ 3.2 million. Since then, the Baiano’s post-confinement life has been intensely followed by his over nine million followers.

Shortly after the reality show ended, Davi reached the impressive mark of 10 million followers on Instagram, a surprising number for those who didn’t have an active profile when the reality show debuted on January 8.

However, over time, it has lost a few hundred thousand followers, currently having 9.6 million. This drop of 400 thousand followers makes Davi the participant who has lost the most followers since the week the program ended.

The top 10 most followed edition participants on Instagram is currently led by Vanessa López, with 15.1 million followers. Davi occupies second place with 9.6 million, followed by Yasmine Brunet, Isabella, MC Binn AND Wanessa Camargo.

Look at his photo!

Check out this photo on Instagram

A post shared by Davi Brito (@daviooficialll)

Source: Terra

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