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‘Very contagious’, reveals Luana Piovani regarding her daughter’s diagnosis

The actress explained what caused little Liz’s skin infection: ‘You have to be careful’

Luana Piovani spoke on social media about an illness that her 7-year-old daughter Liz had last week. In publications published last Monday, the 20th, she said that the girl had been diagnosed with an infection and she had a rash. According to the actress, the disease is “quite” contagious.

“I came to share this with you because it could happen to you,” the actress began. According to her, her daughter was at school and had red and swollen cheeks, suspected to be a condition caused by “parvovirus”.

The disease has affected children, especially in Portugal, where Luana lives. After seeing a doctor, she was able to alleviate Liz’s allergic reaction.

“As long as there are symptoms, he won’t go to school. There’s not much you can do, but you have to be careful, because if it happens to adults with low immunity, it could cause changes in the blood,” he explained. explained.

According to her, her daughter is now better and has no symptoms. “Everything is resolved, ‘Lizoquinha’ is 100%,” she added.

Luana Piovani talks about Liz's illness

Source: Terra

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