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‘Baby Rena’ stalker threatens to sue Netflix

Since its launch in April this year, the series Little reindeer, from Netflix, gave something to talk about. The production tells how comedian Richard Gadd was chased for years by a stalker. The work did not reveal the true identity of Gadd’s abuser, nicknamed Martha Scott in the story. However, a Scottish lawyer named Fiona Harvey claimed that she was the source of inspiration for the plot.

The problem, according to Harvey, is that the story told in the series isn’t entirely true. Therefore, he threatens to sue the streaming service.

In an official statement, he said that the fallout from the series had caused “incalculable damage to his health, reputation and job prospects.” The woman still claims to have suffered a violation of her privacy after being identified by fans of Little reindeer as an alleged stalker.

Fiona Harvey’s statement comes after Netflix UK’s head of policy, Benjamin King, was called to attend a select committee hearing in the British Parliament last week. On that occasion, he assured that the work tells a “true story of the horrific abuse suffered by Gadd at the hands of a convicted stalker”.

Also according to the Scotswoman, she and her lawyers are launching a lawsuit “against all those who lied and used their image to earn large sums of money”.

“Baby Rena” did not reveal the true identity of the stalker (Image: Netflix/Disclosure)

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