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“Family Is Everything”: Jessica pays a lot of money to hurt Electra

To destroy the girl from “Family is Everything”, the villain pays a high price for revenge

The big bad of ‘Family is everything’ She will have a bad fall when she demonstrates firsthand that crime doesn’t pay and pays dearly to avoid being exposed in Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera.

This is because Jessica (Rafa Kalimann) is determined to make Electra’s life (Giuliana Paiva) a hell. He bribes an expert to analyze the videos from the security cameras of the building where Luca (Jayme Matarazzo) lived.

If the expert discovers that the images have been modified to exclude the criminal hired by Jéssica and Hans ( Raphael Logam), both can be exposed. For this reason Jéssica is willing to pay dearly for the professional’s silence.

High price

He hands Hans a backpack with R$200,000 in dollars, mocking his obsession with Luca. Hans hesitates, but Jessica stands firm. For her, the important thing is that the expert confirms that only Elettra entered Luca’s room that night, hiding their involvement in the stabbing.

Source: Terra

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