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Commentator fired from Jovem Pan News for controversial launches in politics

Leonardo Grandini wants to take advantage of the fame acquired in heated television debates to attract votes

Among the many journalists fired by Jovem Pan News last year, Leonardo Grandini was one of the few with progressive thoughts.

Recurring arguments in front of the cameras to defend the left and attack the right would have been the reason for his dismissal from the channel then associated with Bolsonarism.

“I was disconnected from Jovem Pan for political reasons. I know that I am annoying many important servants of Bolsonaro and I will continue,” he informed his followers in April last year. The broadcaster has always denied ideological reasons for the dismissals.

In the posts Grandini said he was dissatisfied with the journalist Rodrigo Constantino, who was also fired from the channel, and with the entrepreneur Luciano Hang, one of the main advertisers. He also said he is responding to a lawsuit filed by federal MP Carla Zambelli for criticizing her at JP News.

Now the commentator is running as a pre-candidate for municipal councilor in the city of Sao Paulo for the PSOL. On social media he uses a slogan linked to his previous work on TV. “I do left-wing journalism / I ended up with the Bolsonarists on Jovem Pan”.

Leonardo Grandini, 22, takes a familiar path: using his popularity in the video to create a political career. He worked, for example, with João Doria, ex-‘O Aprendiz’ (Disco) and’ Show Business’ (Band).

In the City Council of São Paulo, the current representative of this media profile is councilor Thammy Miranda, former reporter of the “Programa Raul Gil” (SBT) and who worked on the soap opera “Salve Jorge” (Globo).

Controversial like Grandini, José Luiz Datena, of ‘Brasil Urgente’ (Banda), also intends to run in the next municipal elections, thanks to his reputation as a presenter of police attractions.

Source: Terra

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