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Film that spent two years in theaters re-releases in Brazilian cinemas

“Nove e Meia Semanas de Amor”, an erotic thriller with Kim Basinger that was a hit in the 1980s, reopens on June 6th in Brazilian cinemas

Nine and a Half Weeks of Love (Nine 1/2 Weeks) will return to Brazilian cinemas. The cult classic with Kim Basinger It is Mickey Rourke It was a success in the country, running for more than two years. Now, it has a digitally restored copy and arrives in Brazil on the day June 6 with distribution of A2 Films. Below are the details of the film.

Script and plot

Based on the book of the same name by Elizabeth McNeill, the script tells the story of a woman, also called Elizabeth (Basinger), who works in an art gallery and ends up getting involved with a mysterious, rich and charming man, whom she barely knows ( Rourke) in a complicated plot of sexual adventures.

Who did Nine and a Half Weeks of Love

The film is directed by Adrian Lyne (Lolita, Fatal Attraction It is Flashdance: In Rhythm of Motion) and, in addition to Basinger and Rourke, there are also names like Christine Baranski (Chicago, Mamma Mia! The film), Margaret Whitton (A Very Crazy Team), David Margulies (Ghostbusters: Ghostbusters), Karen Young (This Strange Attraction It is Jaws 4: Revenge) and Dwight Weist (The name of the Rose It is The Radio Age) in the cast.

Sex and two years on display

Released in Brazil in August 1986, the film became the longest running film in São Paulo cinemas, remaining in theaters until February 1989. Cinema Belas Artes. The fact that it was a daring film for the time, with scenes of free sex and sadomasochistic sexual fantasies, unusual for cinemas at the time, helped with publicity.


Part of the status he ended up receiving would come from behind-the-scenes stories, which were quick to appear. Directed by British Adrian Lyne, Nine and a Half Weeks of Love would end up famous for the sinister atmosphere of the recordings, which would end up subjecting Basinger to situations of psychological pressure, physical abuse and even panic attacks (via El País).


Another highlight is its soundtrack with tracks such as “You Can Leave Your Hat On” (Joe Cocker), “Slave to Love” (Bryan Ferry), “I Do What I Do” (John Taylor), “Come to Life” ( John Taylor/Ellias), “The Best Is Yet To Com” (Luba), “This City Never Sleeps” (Eurythmics), “Eurasian Eyes” (Corey Hart), “Cannes” (Stewart Copeland), “Love and Happiness” (Al Green), “Saviour” (Winston Grennan and Black Sage), “Strange Fruit” (Billie Holiday) and “Ambient Music I: Music for Airports” (Brian Eno).

The relaunch

Nine and a Half Weeks of Love is an exclusive re-release for Brazil, premiering on June 6th and distributed by A2 Filmes.


Nine and a Half Weeks of Love
USA | 1986 | 117 min. | Drama – Romance | 18 years

Original Title: Nine 1/2 Weeks
Director: Adrian Lyne
Screenplay: Sarah Kernochan, Zalman King, Patricia Louisanna Knop
Cast: Mickey Rourke, Kim Basinger, Margaret Whitton, David Margulies, Christine Baranski, Karen Young, William De Acutis
Distribution: A2 Filmes

Source: Rollingstone

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