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Neymar responds to Luana Piovani’s criticism: “He is 50 years old and he wants to seal it on the internet”

Neymar responds to Luana Piovani’s criticism: “He is 50 years old and he wants to seal it on the internet”

The footballer insulted the actress in a video posted on social media


Neymar Jr. took to social media to deny Luana Piovani’s criticism of the player’s alleged support for a proposed privatization of Brazilian beaches.

Neymar Jr. used social media this Thursday the 30th to deny Luana Piovani’s comments. Previously, the actress had declared that the player is “a terrible example as a citizen, father, man, husband and partner”, as well as criticizing the athlete’s alleged support for the proposal to privatize Brazilian beaches.

“Guys, I think they opened the hospital door there and released a crazy woman who doesn’t want to let my name out of her mouth. Whoever works at the hospice where she was, please follow her. It’s complicated. I think she wants something with me, it’s not possible. Don’t take my name out of your mouth. Incredible,” began Neymar.

He later claimed that Luana “just talks bullshit.” “Do you want to be famous, daughter? Time has passed. You were a great actress, I have nothing to say about you. But now… you have to put a shoe in your mouth, otherwise you’re just talking bullshit. One more thing… do you want to talk about my character? You don’t even know me, you don’t know where I come from, what I’ve been through, you don’t know my daily life, you don’t know anything. And do you want to talk about my children? I don’t understand you. I have never talked about your children, I have always treated them very well. And, by the way, they love me,” she said.

“Now, you cannot speak of my creation, of my offspring. If you want the phone numbers of my children’s mothers I’ll give them to you. Ask them if they are a bad father. Take the shame. You are 50 years old and you want to seal yourself on the internet, are you thinking about who you are? Go fuck yourself,” she concluded.

Watch the video below!

Source: Terra

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