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What is the chronological order to watch the One Piece movies?

What is the chronological order to watch the One Piece movies?

One Piece is an anime series based on the manga created by Eiichiro Oda. It tells the stories of incredible adventures in which the character Monkey D. Luffy and his team of pirates live.

In the main anime, they sail across exotic islands and oceans in search of treasure left behind by the legendary Gold Roger. But, in addition to the anime, you can follow this story through the films produced.

One Piece movie order

In total, the franchise has 15 films, all featuring Luffy and the other main characters. Furthermore, the plot of most films always has some relation to the events that happened in the original manga. Highlights include productions 8 and 9, which are recaps of the anime. Next, watch the sequence to watch.

The One Piece anime follows the adventures of Luffy and his friends.  Image: disclosure
The One Piece anime follows the adventures of Luffy and his friends. Image: disclosure

– The film shows the journey of Luffy, Zoror, Usopp and Nami in search of a remote island to store the treasure of the legendary Captain Woonan.

– In this film, the Straw Hats’ ship is stolen by unknown pirates. During the journey to retrieve it, Nami is captured to be the bride of the enemy leader, Bear King.

Luffy and his crew arrive on Crown Island, a strange place inhabited only by animals. An unexpected accident occurs there and Chopper gets separated from his friends. When the animals find him, they think he was sent from heaven to be the new king.

The Straw Hat Pirates participate in a secret competition involving several pirate crews. The goal is to win a cash prize.

On the island of Asuka, Luffy’s crew listens to the story of the legend of the Sword of the Seven Stars, considered the most precious and powerful of the Grand Line. After that, Zoro is captured by the Navy, who wants to have the sword. For some reason he helps the enemies.

The Straw Hat gang stays at a mysterious resort. In it he falls into a trap and needs to experience a new adventure to escape.

Luffy and his crew find a treasure chest, but inside is an old woman with gold teeth. He asks them to take her to her homeland, Mecha Island. In exchange, he will help them find a legendary treasure, known as “The Golden Crown”.

This is the eighth film, a summary of the Alabasta story arc, briefly showing what happened from episodes 92 to 130.

Also a recap, but from episodes 130-154.

In this film, Luffy and his friends venture out once again when they discover that East Blue is in danger.

Luffy loses his hat while sleeping. After that, he and his friends have to face several obstacles to get it back.

This is the first feature film after the two-year time jump in which the characters were introduced to the New World. In the film, the former Navy admiral, called “Z,” steals dangerous weapons. Luffy and his crew become mortal enemies of this villain.

The Straw Hat Pirates must face the ruler of the Great Treasure, a country that is home to the largest entertainment city in the world.

In this film, the Straw Hats participate in a Pirate Festival, where the prize is a treasure that belonged to the Pirate King himself, Gol D. Roger.

Uta, the most famous singer in the world will sing at a festival attended by Luffy and his friends. However, there is one truly shocking fact: Uta is actually “Shanks’ daughter”.

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