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From Kelly Key to Father Marcelo Rossi: These 12 Celebrities Have Already Used Anabolic Steroids and You Didn’t Know It!

Most people deny using equipment, but these stars don’t. Look who I am!

When compared if”get the bomb“, most of the celebrities quickly spoke out denying the rumors. On the other hand, there are some celebrities who do not hesitate to admit that they have consumed some kind of substance. to gain an advantage, what is the case with Kelly Key?. Whether it’s giving you a competitive edge or helping you recover from your grueling exercise routines, the Pure people have separated 10 celebrities who have already drunk “the juice”.

When he participated in “BBB11”, Maria Melillo revealed that he used anabolic steroids to have a more defined body. “There’s a lot of testosterone, I haven’t had my period in a while,” she said at the time. Years later, she he underwent surgery to remove part of his liver due to cancer detected in the organ, one of the most affected by the use of anabolic steroids.

Already the porn actress Andressa Urach He also said several times that he had used steroids for about three years. “I did it without medical supervision, very irresponsibly. I got the volume I wanted, since I was very thin, but I had many side effects, such as acne on my face and back, changes in my voice and enlargement of the clitoris, I also had intimate surgery,” he said on TV.

A very serious case happened to the singer Netinho, who he found himself between life and death. Meanwhile, the actress Debora Secco, recently separated from Hugo Mouraadmitted in “Encounter“, at the time led by Fátima Bernardes, who damaged her health in search of the perfect body.

“When I did the soap opera”The Vampire’s Kiss“I started taking supplements…

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