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With her vegan boyfriend, the influencer discovers the betrayal after seeing the pizza order on the app: ‘It was like receiving a punch, I knew it wasn’t from him’

Sabrina Low discovered she had been cheated on in a very unusual way

The world is full of incredible stories and influencers Sabrina Bassa There is one quite unusual one. In an interview with “Quem”, the content creator discovered that she was cheated on by a boyfriend via a food app. Vegansshe was shocked when she came across a order the pepperoni pizza on behalf of the boy and put him against the wall to confess his infidelity.

“ANDI couldn’t believe what I was seeing. We have always talked about the importance of being vegan and this was part of our values. I fell in love with him for this very reason. So when I saw that pepperoni pizza order, it was like getting punched; I knew it wasn’t for him,” she commented.

Sabrina Low felt betrayed when she saw pepperoni pizza on her vegan boyfriend’s phone

The app was Sabrina Low’s greatest ally and she remembered how it felt when you see pepperoni pizza on her boyfriend’s cell phone. “I felt betrayed at the time, because I knew she wouldn’t eat meat. So, that revealed a lot,” she said. “How could I have imagined that I would find out this way?”, she added.

Sabrina Low has previously been in a relationship with Whindersson Nunes and regrets the relationship

SabrinaBass opened the game on his involvement with comedian Whindersson Nunes in a recent interview on Podcast In the middle of the conversation, she she was asked about the events that happened in 2022, when intimate conversations between the two were leaked onto the Internet, causing real turmoil in her life.

“This situation…

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