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Michelly Machri Still Called “The Sukita Girl” by Fans More Than 20 Years After the Publicity

Michelly Machri Still Called “The Sukita Girl” by Fans More Than 20 Years After the Publicity

The soft drink commercial aired in 1999 and marked her modeling career

In the late 90s, Michelly Machri she starred in a commercial for soft drinks. The success was so great that it ended up marking the career of the model who today, at 44 years old and more than 20 years later, is still called “Sukita Girl” on social networks. He currently lives away from the spotlight.

In the commercial, released in 1999, Michelly enters an elevator with a man drinking a Sukita. After noticing the young woman, he, who is carrying a bag of oranges, starts a conversation. Until she turns around and says: “Uncle, can you press 21 for me?” The comment is to the point and this is the pun of the commercial.

Although this was marked, the brand still made two more commercials with Michelly and her “uncle”. All within the same proposal. On social media, where she has just over 5 thousand followers, the model’s fans have shown that the idea has had an impact.

“Eternal girl Sukita,” wrote one follower in a post. “Waiting for the TV break to see you in the commercial. Good memories,” another commented.

The commercial opened more doors for Michelly, who graced the covers of several magazines, was invited to shows and even posed nude for Playboy in 2001. Despite all her success, the model has barely surfed the waves and today lives a life away from the spotlight.

Married to a chef and mother of an 11-year-old child, she posts little, but every now and then she shows that she hasn’t lost her touch and posts model-like shots.

“Sukita’s Uncle” even remade a version of the commercial where he gives a more intelligent response to “Sukita girl.” Watch:

Source: Terra

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